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An independent directory of typefaces organized into categories.

New Categories! 

Construction kit fonts (11)
Fonts that allow you to construct symbols or pictures by combining or overlaying different characters in the font.

Other shapes (3)
MFC Triangulus Monogram
Fonts that allow you to create monograms in other shapes.

Square or rectangular (8)
Carmen Monograms
Fonts that allow you to create square or rectangular monograms.


Application (1002)
Typefaces classified according to their suitability for particular applications.

Mood (523)
ITC Bette
Typefaces that convey a particular mood or impression.

Period (737)
P22 Art Deco Display
Typefaces that capture a particular period or artistic movement.

Appearance (2082)
Freedom CW Low Drop Shadow
Typefaces that have a distinctive appearance.

Handmade (846)
Fonts that look handwritten, handdrawn, or hand crafted.

Simulation (434)
Typefaces that simulate the appearance of lettering created using a particular tool, such as a rubber stamp or typewriter.

Classification (286)
Old English
The traditional typeface classifications, used by type historians and typographers.

International (375)
Typefaces with a characteristic international flavour.

Alternatives (55)
Suggested alternatives to the popular typefaces, often supplied with computers or printers, that have become overused and over-familiar.

Award winners (621)
Blue Island
Award-winning typefaces.

Free (190)
Vera Serif
Fonts available for free download from their designers.

Dimensions (578)
Road Gothic
Choose a font with particular dimensions or metrics.

Pictures (643)
Mini Pics Lil Edibles
Fonts containing collections of pictures.

Picture Styles (249)
Pictures classified by drawing style.

Symbols (548)
Mini Pics International
Fonts containing collections of symbols.

Popular (60)
The most popular sans-serif, serif, and script fonts.


Most Popular 

The most popular Fontscape categories.

Art Deco-Sans Serif

Sixties (1960-1969)

IPA symbols

Numbers in circles
Numbers in Circles

Pop art
Appearance-Pop Art

Victorian (1850-1890)