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Fonts containing collections of symbols.


Ampersands (6)
Ampersands Two
Ampersands, the symbol for "and".

Arrows (57)
FF Dingbats 2.0 Arrows One
Symbol fonts containing arrows and direction signs.

Astrology (26)
Astrology 1
Signs of the zodiac and astrological symbols.

Borders (59)
Soupirs E
Symbols that fit together to create decorative borders.

Bullets (7)
ITC Zapf Dingbats
Symbol fonts containing bullets.

Clocks (8)
Time Clocks
Clocks and time displays.

Comic book (2)
Men Swear
Symbols for use in comic books.

Computer (10)
Vialog Signs Communication
Fonts containing computer-related symbols.

Computer games (2)
Arcade (Fontalicious)
Fonts that mimic the symbols used on early arcade games and computer games.

Crosses (10)
Cross Ornaments

Decorations (3)
Nat Vignette One
Decorations and vignettes.

Disabilities (2)
PIXymbols ADA Signs
Fonts containing symbols to help people with disabilities.

Environment (3)
EF Technical Pi
Fonts containing symbols related to recycling and the environment.

Fleurons (38)
Fleuron Ornaments
Traditional flower-shaped ornaments or florets.

Flourishes (8)
Taroca Extras
Script-style decorative flourishes.

Games (5)
Altemus Cuts
Fonts containing symbols for use in games and recreations.

Health & safety (7)
PIXymbols Safety
Health and safety warnings and signs.

Hearts (4)
Pictures and symbols of hearts.

Highway signs (8)
PIXymbols Road Signs
Highway and road signs.

IPA symbols (17)
Arial Unicode
Fonts that include symbols used to write the pronunciation of words using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Logos (8)
Polytype Business Icons Two
Company trademarks and logos.

Maps (18)
Symbols for maps and cartography.

Mathematical (6)
European Pi 2
Symbols for math.

Mobile phone (2)
Ico Phone
Symbols for mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Music (8)
Fonts containing symbols relating to hi-fi, audio, recording, and TV products.

Numbers (42)
Bundesbahn Pi One
Fonts containing numbers enclosed in shapes (framed or cameo).

Ornaments (31)
Adobe Wood Type Ornaments 1
Symbols for decorating or ornamenting text.

Pattern tiles (23)
Baroquoco One
Square tiles that fit together to make repeating patterns.

Patterns (5)
YWFT S3 Patterns
Geometric shapes and patterns.

Pictograms (60)
Ad Words
Fonts containing words or phrases.

Pinwheels (20)
Burgbats Two

Pointers (8)
Altemus Pointers

Science (9)
Chemsymbols LT Two
Symbols for chemistry, physics, and biology.

Shields (4)
Shield Ornaments

Snowflakes (7)
Snowflake Assortment
Snowflake symbols.

Spirals (9)
Altemus Spirals Bold

Sport (4)
Tips Active
Symbols for use with sport.

Squares and diamonds (2)
Altemus Squares Bold
Squares and diamonds.

Stars (31)
Linotype Xmas Pi #1
Symbol fonts containing stars and snowflakes.

Swirl ornaments (27)
Dulce Ornaments
Swirls, loops, and flourishes.

Textures (7)
Optic Art
Square tiles that fit together to make textures.

Transport (10)
PIXymbols US Map
Symbols relating to cars, buses, trains, planes, and other forms of transport.

Travel (20)
Mini Pics International
Symbols relating to travel, tourism, holidays, or vacations.

Washing symbols (5)
Denim Wash
Symbols for washing instructions and fabric care.

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