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Typefaces that have a distinctive appearance.


Bands (27)
The characters are composed of horizontal or vertical lines or bands.

Bizarre (22)
FF Yokkmokk
Typefaces with a bizarre, often illegible, appearance.

Cameo (16)
User Cameo
Cameo lettering: white out of a black block.

Collage (11)
FF Fudoni One
Look as if the characters were constructed by joining or recombining parts of one or more typefaces together.

Concentric lines (89)
Prisma Pro
The characters are drawn with parallel concentric lines.

Construction lines (14)
Techno Outline
Characters with construction lines.

Cursive geometric (26)
Expletive Script
Joined-up script lettering that looks geometric rather than handwritten.

Decorated (177)
The letters are decorated or embellished.

Distressed (274)
Characters with a blurred, corroded, or degenerated appearance.

Doodles (10)
Lettering that looks like doodling.

Dots and lines (7)
Metaballs Light
Letters are composed of dots and lines.

Drop shadow (63)
Churchward Freedom LD Shadow
Characters that have a drop-shadow.

Experimental (4)
Experimental lettering, using original ways to construct letterforms.

Filled (108)
Characters are filled with shading or a pattern.

Fine Detail (5)
Fonts with fine detail within each character.

Framed or cameo (64)
Farao Button Inverted
Fonts containing letters enclosed in shapes (framed or cameo).

Hybrid serif (39)
Equilibre Gauche
Typefaces with features of both serif and sans-serif typefaces.

Illuminated initials (38)
Chaucerian Initials
Letters decorated or embellished with illuminations, such as leaves or flowers.

Interlocking characters (7)
Calcula Solid
OpenType fonts that use ligatures to automatically interlock the characters.

Landscape (1)
LL BIFF Astral
Letters look like a landscape.

Monoline script (42)
Script-style fonts drawn geometrically with a constant-thickness line.

Multi-colour (232)
P22 Bifur
Matching components that can be combined to create multi-colour lettering.

Multiple lines (33)
Letter strokes are drawn with multiple lines, or a brush stroke with gaps.

Outlined (132)
Neue Helvetica Bold Outline
Characters are outlined, open face, or inline.

Pictorial (123)
Old Dreadful No. 7
The letters look like pictures or are representative.

Pixellated (303)
SB Liquid Open
Fonts that look like bitmapped or dot matrix computer screen fonts.

Ribbons (36)
Characters look as if they are constructed from ribbons.

Rough (9)
Old Claude
Fonts with rough edges to simulate wear, age, or the effect of printing on coarse paper.

Runes (9)
Runes and runic scripts from the Early Middle Ages.

Screened (9)
Typefaces look as if they have been printed with a coarse halftone screen, like photos on posters and in newspapers.

Scribbled (8)
FF Scribble
Letters look hatched or shaded using a pencil.

Segmented or dotted (35)
Letters are composed of dots or squares.

Shiny (15)
The letters look metallic or shiny.

Silhouette (9)
Letters are like silhouettes, with no internal holes.

Split-personality (12)
Erasurehead Poster
Schizophrenic typefaces that look like the combination of two different fonts.

Stencil (77)
Stencil Bold
Characters divided into separate segments, like lettering created with a stencil.

Straight lines (115)
Angol Sharp
The characters are drawn with straight lines.

Techno (45)
Hi-tech typefaces.

Three-dimensional (126)
Typefaces with a 3D look.

Transformed (16)
EF Domingo
Characters have been inverted, rotated, or otherwise geometrically transformed.

Unicase (16)
Filosofia Unicase
One set of monocase characters, combining features of both upper and lower case letterforms.

Variable (1)
KLTF Tiptoe Toy
Characters vary in width or boldness.

Wood type (60)
Typefaces originally cut from wood blocks.

Most Popular 

The most popular subcategories of Appearance.

Concentric Lines-Quadline

Letters in squares

Segmented or dotted

Stencil-Sans Serif

Concentric Lines-Multiline

Concentric Lines-Triline
Concentric Lines-Triline