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Choose a font with particular dimensions or metrics.


Tall (82)
Road Gothic
Unusually tall typefaces; useful where space is tight.

Wide (53)
Dispatch Extended
Unusually wide typefaces.

Thin (29)
Agenda Thin
Typefaces with extremely thin strokes.

Extra bold (10)
El Grande
Extra bold, black, or block typefaces.

Fixed width (75)
Letter Gothic
Characters are all the same width (monospaced).

Matching widths (19)
Ascender Sans
Fonts with matching character widths, allowing you to change between them without affecting text line breaks or layouts.

Large x-height (31)
Antique Olive
Typefaces with an unusually large x-height and short ascenders.

Small x-height (54)
ITC Mona Lisa
Typefaces with an unusually small x-height and long ascenders.

Long descenders (6)
Canterbury Old Style
Lower-case characters have long descenders.

Short descenders (38)
Helvetica Inserat
Lower-case characters have minimal descenders, allowing setting with little leading.

No descenders (15)
Lower-case characters have minimal descenders, allowing setting with little leading.

Alternates (11)

Typefaces providing additional alternate characters.

Script font with alternates (5)

Script typefaces that include beginnings, endings, ligatures, and alternates.

Random (2)
Chapter 11
Fonts that create a random appearance by using OpenType contextual alternates to automatically select between different versions of each character.

Variations (1)
Fonts that include several alternatives for each character so you can produce variations.

Modular (11)
FF Type-Face
Fonts that allow you to combine components to create an almost infinite variety of combinations.

Alternative width capitals (10)
Fonts containing capitals in alternative widths.

Parametric (8)
Phase H 50 50 50
Variable fonts generated using parameters.

Most Popular 

The most popular subcategories of Dimensions.

Fixed Width-Sans Serif

Fixed Width-Serif

Tall-Sans Serif

Small x-Height-Sans Serif

No descenders
Dimensions-No Descenders