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Award-winning typefaces.


ATypI Competitions (65)

Competitions organised by the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Tokyo TDC Awards (5)

Winners of the annual Tokyo Type Directors Club Type Design Competition (TOKYOTDC).

Type Directors Club Type Design Competition (206)
Blue Island
Winners of the annual Type Directors Club Type Design Competition.

Typographica Favourite Typefaces (549)
Bickham Script
Fonts chosen by the on-line journal Typographica in their annual "Our Favourite Typefaces" award.

Most Popular 

The most popular subcategories of Award winners.

TDC2 2008
TDC2 2008

Typographica Favorites 2016
Typographica 2016

Typographica Favorites 2011
Typographica 2011

Typographica Favorites 2014
Typographica 2014