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Fonts available for free download from their designers.


Latest additions (10)

Free typefaces that have been added to Identifont over the past few days.

Text serif (27)
Vera Serif
Free serif fonts for continuous text; readable at small sizes.

Text slab-serif (9)

Free slab-serif fonts for continuous text; readable at small sizes.

Text sans-serif (42)
Vera Sans
Free sans-serif fonts for continuous text; readable at small sizes.

Heading serif (23)
Free serif display fonts, suitable for headings.

Heading sans-serif (29)
New Amsterdam
Free sans-serif display fonts, suitable for headings.

Script (22)
J. D.
Free script fonts.

Handwriting (20)

Free fonts that look like handwriting.

Handdrawn (9)

Free handdrawn fonts.

Blackletter (8)
Free blackletter or gothic fonts.

Comic book (17)
Crime Fighter
Free fonts for use in comic books.

Fixed-width (21)
Courier Prime
Free fixed-width fonts, for coding, program listings, or a computer appearance.

Macabre and mystical (17)
Buried Before
Free fonts with a creepy or religious atmosphere.

Techno (9)
Destructo Beam Bold
Free hi-tech typefaces.

Pixel (13)
Small Talk
Free pixel fonts, for Web or Flash use.

Fun (26)
Poptics Three
Free fun fonts for applications such as party invitations.

Grunge (9)
Cabin Sketch
Fonts with an irregular, blurred or corroded appearance.

Pictorial (6)
Dürer Everyday Tools
Free fonts with letters that look like pictures or are representative.

Pictures (10)
Good Dog Bones
Free picture fonts.

Symbols (3)
FF Dingbats 2.0 Sampler
Free symbol fonts.

Most Popular 

The most popular subcategories of Free.


Heading sans-serif
Free-Heading Sans Serif


Macabre and mystical