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Fonts for helping people with disabilities.

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Home > Symbols > Disabilities
Fonts containing symbols to help people with disabilities.

Home > Application > Legibility > Signs
Typefaces designed to be legibile at a distance, ideal for notices such as road and highway signs.


American Sign Language (9)
Mini Pics ASL Alphabet
Fonts for finger spelling letters and numerals using the American Manual Alphabet part of ASL (American Sign Language).

British Sign Language (3)
British Sign Language
Fonts for finger spelling letters and numerals using BSL (British Sign Language), Auslan (Australian Sign Language), or NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language).

Braille (13)
EF Braille Extended
Fonts using the Braille system, invented by Louis Braille to enable the blind to read and write by touch using patterns of raised dots.

Moon (1)
Fonts giving the Moon alphabet, designed by Dr William Moon to allow blind or partially sighted people to read by touch.

Dyslexia (3)
Lexie Readable
Fonts to help dyslexic readers.

Visually impaired (4)
Maxular Rx
Fonts designed to aid legibility for people with visual impairment or macular degeneration.

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American Sign Language
American Sign Language


British Sign Language
British Sign Language


Visually impaired
Visually Impaired