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Typefaces in which the strokes are terminated with small cusps, slabs, or wedges.


Venetian (12)

Oldstyle typefaces named after the first roman typefaces used in Venice around 1470, characterised by a slanted crossbar on the lower-case 'e'.

Garalde (30)

Oldstyle serif typefaces designed during the 16th and 17th centuries, especially in France and Venice.

Transitional (62)

Serif typefaces created in the 18th century, and forming a transition between the Oldstyle Garalde and Modern Didone styles.

Didone (27)

Typefaces designed in France (Didot), Italy (Bodoni), and Germany (Walbaum) with fine hairlines and contrasting strokes, to take advantage of the improvements in printing in the 18th century; also called Modern.

Slab-serif (36)

Typefaces with block or slab serifs.

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The most popular subcategories of Serif.

Block serif
Block Serif